Yuri Stavrogan
Stavrogan Profile
Lieutenant Yuri Stavrogan
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame Unknown
Status K.I.A.
Voice Actor Scott McNeil

Lieutenant Yuri Stavrogan (†) was assigned to ExoSquad Flight Six: Fox Squad.


Yuri Stavrogan had been with the Exofleet dating back to when J.T. Marsh was just an Ensign. Stavrogan was well known in the Exofleet for his constant insubordination of his superior officers and his bad attitude. He bounced around the fleet as a replacement pilot and in 2121 A.D. found himself with Able Squad replacing Sgt.Torres, who was on a mission assisting the Earth Resistance, for the liberation Mercury.

J.T. Marsh frowned upon the time that Yuri spent with Able Squad because he viewed Yuri as a bad influence on the young and impressionable Kaz Takagi. After the Mercury was liberated, Yuri was transferred to Captain O'Hare's E-Frame Repair Unit, which helped to rebuild Venus after it was liberated.

Stavrogan was finally given command of his own E-Frame Squad, Flight Six: Fox Squad. Fox Squad was sent on a critical mission in the Antarctica where they were to destroy a secret Neosapien genetics facility found by the resistance. The mission turned out to be a Neo Warrior trap and Fox Squad was completely lost along with the accompanying Jumptroops with Yuri being the lone survivor. A more mature and serious Stavrogan later returned to the facility with Able Squad to complete the mission and settle a score for his fellow fallen Fox Squad comrades.

During the liberation of Earth, Yuri was again working with Able Squad in an attempt to find and destroy Phaeton's Doomsday Device. He was killed in action by General Shiva's Clone in an engagement at the Great Slave Lake in Canada. Since the liberation of Mercury, Yuri had kept a close relationship with Kaz Takagi, as well as resolving his differences and earning the sincere respect of J.T. Marsh.

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