Season 2, Episode 27
Air date 1994
Written by Mark Edens
Richard Mueller
Animation by AKOM
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Heart of Mars
Night of the Traitor

"Winged Fury" is the 27th episode of the second season of Exosquad.


A mission for Marsh and Marsala to deliver an e-frame repair specialist to the resistance in Maine results in Marsh crashing in New York City and Marsala's capture by Galba. Livia sends some of the third generation Neo warriors to capture Marsh for Phaeton. Marsh runs into an old cabbie named Sidney, who helps him around. Marsh is able to dispose of the feline Neo Warriors while on foot, but is given bigger problems by a winged one named Kor. Kor captures Sidney, but Marsh saves him and outflys the eagle warrior to defeat him. Galba injects Marsala with something that causes him to lose consciousness, and Galba tells Livia he is dead.


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  • During the Neo ambush, Marsala exhibits calmness and coolness:
Felson: "Look out! They're right behind us!"
Marsala: "I am aware of that Sergeant."
Marsh: "Marsala, there's too many of them!"
Marsala: "I quite agree."
Marsh: "Is there a safe place we can go?"
Sidney: "Safe? In New York?"
  • After the Neo warrior tries to lure Marsh out by threatening to kill Sidney:
Sidney: "He doesn't even know me."
Kor: "I know how Terrans think."
Sidney: "You know Terrans, you ganif? What am I, chopped liver?"
  • Kor, after waiting what he feels was long enough for Marsh to try to save Sidney:
"He will not sacrifice himself for you. You were right. Congratulations." (pushes Sidney off building)

Significant events, revelations, and other notesEdit

  • Marsala is captured, and Galba wants Livia to believe he is dead.
  • Whatever resistance group was in Maine that was supposed to receive Sgt. Felson still needs someone to fix stolen Neo e-frames.
  • A traitor exists in the Maine resistance.
  • Marsh escapses from his predicament.
  • Thrax is once again a Neo e-frame squad leader. Apparently being on Draconis' execution list won Phaeton's favor once he discovered Draconis' treachery.
    • The same thing happens to Galba in "Night of the Traitor". He is spared execution and deemed loyal since he was arrested by traitors.
  • No resistance exists in New York City. Apparently the Terrans there have organized into scavenger bands, but only to find food or survival supplies.
    • Was there once a resistance cell in New York City, and it simply got destroyed or absorbed into one of a nearby city? How many major cities lack resistance movements?

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