Vince Pellegrino
Vince profile
LCpl. Vince Pellegrino
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame UltraLight FireBoss E-Frame #JR-100
Status Active
Voice Actor David Kaye

Lance Corporal Vince Pellegrino was assigned to Charlie Company 5th Platoon as Squad Leader of the Rifle Squad.


Pellegrino was known for his hot temper and eccentric demeanor in addition to his exceptional skill with a rifle. He was proud to be a Jumptrooper, aside from the fact that his grandfather founded the Platoon, and took exception to any comments by E-Frame Pilots who he viewed as prissy and soft.

Pellegrino even got into a physical altercation with E-Frame Pilot Wolf Bronski during one instance of mutual vexing when he and his platoon were referred to as “ChumpTroops”.

Pellegrino had a close friendship with fellow jumptrooper GySgt. Ramon Longfeather, who acted as his mentor as well as a big brother. Pellegrino’s enlistment went beyond the Neosapien War where he remained with Charlie Company 5th Platoon.

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