Season 2, Episode 29
Trial by Combat titlecard
Air date 1994
Written by Mark Edens
Katherine Huston
Animation by AKOM
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Night of the Traitor
The Perfect Warrior

"Trial by Combat" is the 29th episode of the second season of Exosquad.


A combined e-frame/jumptroop mission to Antarctica to destroy the Neo Warrior breeding complex becomes a disaster, as apparently only Yuri Stavrogan survives. Professor Algernon has made modifications to Alec DeLeon's e-frame, which provides a closer link between pilot and e-frame. Able Squad gets sent to Antarctica to try to locate the breeding complex. While planting a sensor which was to be part of a network, Marsh gets captured by some Neo warriors. Galba tells him to pretend to be Takagi, since all Neosapien commanders have orders to hand Marsh over to Phaeton. To test the capabilities of a Neo Lord, Praetorius has one duel with Marsh, who he believes to be Takagi. Marsh tries to escape, and his e-frame somehow contacts Alec's, and so Able Squad is about to attempt to get him. But Marsh gets defeated by a Neo Lord, who forcibly removes him from his e-frame.


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  • Discussing his E-frame upgrade.
DeLeon: "It knows what I want before I do. It reads my mind."
Algernon: "More precisely, it is your mind. It joins its own perceptions and insights with those of the pilot."
  • To avoid being taken to Phaeton, J.T. Marsh claims to be Kaz Takagi. While being taken to the arena for the duel:
Praetorius: "You will use Commander Marsh's e-frame. Are you capable of operating his machine?"
Marsh: "I can do anything J.T. Marsh can do."

Significant events, revelations, and other notesEdit

  • The Neo lords are introduced. They combine genes from multiple species, while retaining intelligence.
    • How was the Neo Lord able to survive Marsh's attack? Since E-frames are able to destroy armored vehicles, it should have been able to kill the Neo Lord.
  • Marsh learns that Phaeton wants him captured and sent to him. To avoid this Marsh is masquerading as Takagi.
  • DeLeon gets an e-frame improvement, provided by Algernon. Specifically, it is a better pilot/e-frame interface
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