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Squadron Leader Thrax
Race Neosapien
Status Active
Voice Actor Unknown

Squadron Leader Thrax was assigned to the Mercury Outpost of the Neosapien Commonwealth as an E-frame pilot under the command of Garrison Commander Glycon.


Garrison Commander Thrax was a simple E-frame pilot at the beginning of the Neosapien War, but because of his exceptional battle skills, he has been promoted multiple times: first to a squadron leader and then to the 'Garrison Commander of Amazon Basin' on Earth. Despite his excellent combat record, Thrax often displeased his superiors by being insubordinate and showing mercy to defeated enemies. During the Second Battle of Mercury, he defeated Kaz Takagi in an E-frame duel. Takagi prepared to face his death, but Thrax stated there had been enough killing that day and retreated.

As the Neosapien forces retreated from Venus, Thrax was ordered by General Draconis to detonate a hydrogen bomb underneath Vesta. However, recognizing that the Third Battle of Venus was lost and unwilling to kill civilians, Thrax refused to carry out this assignment. For this he was arrested by Draconis, but after Draconis was arrested for treason Thrax was re-assigned to a combat unit by Phaeton.

He survived the Fourth Battle of Venus since Shiva sent him to follow the Exofleet units that were being used for a decoy run.

By the end of the war, Thrax realized that Phaeton's regime would fall and disbanded his unit. Captured by Neo Lords, he was transferred to Phaeton City for execution but saved by the Terran invasion force. Thrax has become famous for piloting a blood red #EL-909 Neofighter.

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