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Season 2, Episode 30
Air date 1994
Written by Mark Edens
Matthew Edens
Storyboards by Gerry Acerno
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"The Perfect Warrior" is the 30th episode of the second season of Exosquad.


Galba pretends, for the sake of Praetorius, to conjecture that the ExoTrooper they have captured is in fact Marsh masquerading as Takagi to avoid being taken to Phaeton (which is true because he told Marsh to). Praetorius has the Neo Lord spare Marsh's life and taken to his cell. When Marsh is about to be taken to Phaeton, Galba helps him escape and get to Kaz's exofighter. He then contacts Able Squad, which is able to locate his position and proceeds to, along with Jumptroop Company Charlie, attack the brood complex. Marsh was since hunted down by Neo Lords inside the complex, but was able to escape though it meant abandoning the exofighter. He makes his way to the geothermal processing plant and is able to destroy it, thereby destroying all the developing Neo Lords as well. He is rescued by Stavrogan and DeLeon, while a bitter Praetorius is left to ponder future plans.


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  • As the Neo lord is about to finish off Marsh:
Neo Lord: "You are nothing but a genetic accident."
Marsh: "Accidents happen." (he blasts some pipes, which spew super-heated high pressure steam, scalding the Neo Lord)

Significant events, revelations, and other notes[]

  • The army of Neo lords, supposedly genetically perfect warriors, has been destroyed.
  • Marsh escapes from the Neo sapiens, and thereby avoids being taken to Phaeton.
  • Praetorius is aware that there may be a traitor among those working for him.
  • Galba is able to escape detection for the same reasons as Barca. Somebody else is available to take the blame, the witnesses are killed, and/or the evidence is destroyed.
  • Stavrogan proves himself to be more than a transient troublemaker.
  • Praetorius plans on building a new brood facility elsewhere to create Neo lords.
  • Takagi's exofighter crashes and is presumably lost.

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