The Moon
The Moon
Type Moon
Status Liberated
Places of Interest
Infrastructure Homeworlds Space Station


The Moon was seen as the doorway to Earth. The Neosapiens built several bases there, along with dozens of Laser Cannon installations. For the majority of the Neosapien War, the Moon was ignored.

The Battle of The Moon, the bloodiest battle of the entire war, saw the destruction of Phaeton's last naval reserves. Having already lost Mercury, Venus and Mars, Phaeton sent an immense fleet of E-frames to reinforce General Typhonus's lunar garrison.

However, Alec DeLeon used Typhonus's E-frame to deceive both the garrison into surrender and destroy the Neosapien counterattack. First, he told Phaeton that the Neosapien pilots were surrendering en masse to Exofleet. Enraged, Phaeton activated self-destruct explosives, destroying his own forces. He then informed the garrison that Phaeton had agreed to surrender and the Neosapiens defenders were to cease combat.