Season 2, Episode 20
The Dream War titlecard
Air date November 02, 1994
Animation by AKOM
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Warrior Brood
No Surrender

"The Dream War" is the 20th episode of the second season of Exosquad.


Torres, Bronski, and Takagi return to Canberra to provide air cover for a withdrawal attempt by the resistance. The attempt fails miserably, and they are forced to retreat back into the Parliament House. Weston stayed with DeLeon to try to fix his e-frame, and they come under attack by lizard Neo Warriors. They escape to an aborigine camp, but are followed there. They lead the Neo warriors into a trap and destroy them with a rigged fusion pack. Napier escapes with Marsala in the cloaked e-frame.


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  • Shiva, lamenting his current position:
"I was once commanding general of all Earth forces. Now I am a zookeeper."
  • Maggie Weston, after needing to kick DeLeon's e-frame to get it to work:
"Whaddya know, I'm a mechanical genius."
  • While fighting the Neo warriors:
Weston: "What was that stuff?"
DeLeon: "Some kind of acid. Just don't let it hit your e-frame."
Weston: "Oh, like we've got a choice?"
  • Alec and Maggie, while lost in the desert:
DeLeon: "Look! Water! In survival training they told us..."
Weston: "Birds fly toward water in the evening. Oh, I just hope he isn't lost."

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