Season 2, Episode 33
The Art of War titlecard
Air date 1994
Animation by AKOM
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"The Art of War" is the 33rd episode of the second season of Exosquad.


A mission to deliver explosives to Earth Resistance lands Bronski and Takagi in Alaska, where they meet up with the Chicago resistance cell. They must place the explosives on a train so that the base to which it is going will be destroyed. But when they discover some of the cars carry many of the world's greatest art creations, Hanley hesitates. So they steal the cars with the art, plant the explosives in the particle accelerator, and get the empty cars destroyed so the Neos will stop looking for them. The rest of the train makes it to Great Slave Lake in Canada, where it explodes the next day.


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  • Bronski, explaining Van Owen's death to Hanley:
"He was trying to get the detonator, but it got him first."
  • During Hanley's attempt to convince her compatriots that they can't destroy the art:
Hanley: "This isn't graffitti! I mea... we're talking about some of the greatest creations in human history."
Tanaka: "If we don't win this war, there won't be any more human history."
  • Bronski, while firing at the Neos:
"Take that, you lousy Philistine! Hey, what is a Philistine, anyway?"

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