Season 1, Episode 2
Seeds of Deception titlecard
Air date September 25, 1993
Written by Mark Edens
Animation by AKOM
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"Seeds of Deception" is the 2nd episode of season one of Exosquad.


In a fleet engagement, the ExoFleet emerges victorious over the Pirate forces. While back on Earth, Sean Napier prevents the assassination of Phaeton but is kicked off the Chicago Police Force for refusing to accept Phaeton's congratulations. The ExoFleet prepares to attack the Pirate base on Enceladus.


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Napier may have had a bad day, but he was quite quotable.

  • Napier, who came to work after being in a bar fight, explaining why he was late:
"I was, uh, discussing current events with a concerned citizen."
  • Napier, after tripping on Picasso's paint can and then asked if he was all right:
"I got shot, and that's the best thing that's happened to me all day."

Significant events, revelations, and other notesEdit

  • In "Hidden Terrors" Simbacca not only follows the bridge officer's advice about choosing the location of the battle, he also teaches the lesson to another pirate.
    • His initial refusal to withdraw was likely based on the fact that retreating from a combat field may have led to a dueling challenge, as seen in "The Embassy". This could also be the reason Simbacca did not use the tactic of constantly cloaking and recloaking his ships. Constant cloaking and manuevering would have left Winfield unable to concentrate his firepower.
  • Upon seeing some graffiti Livia says, "Soon the vermin will not dare to make fun of us." and Phaeton tells her to be patient. This scene is illustrates that Phaeton is already planning to rule through fear, and his closest advisors know this. Whether they know that he plans to rule Neosapiens through fear as well as Terrans is unknown. It is interesting to see Shiva there, since he is later shown to be a soldier with a conscience, who does not necessarily approve of Phaeton's methods.
    • In "Blitzkrieg" Draconis's attempt to claim credit for some of the victories may be the reason Phaeton decides to rule through fear, whether Terran or Neosapien.
  • The majority of Terrans (in Chicago at least) support equality with Neosapiens. It must be by enough of a margin that the mayor feels he will gain more votes than he'll lose by supporting the concept of sister cities.
  • We also see that there are some very vocal and active opponents of equality.
  • Napier was expelled from Exofleet for his insubordinate and/or anti-authority personality.
  • Remember Napier's refusal to shake hands with Phaeton, I feel it contrasts brilliantly with Shiva's refusal at the end of the war (after Shiva prevented an assassin from killing Napier).

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