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Sean Napier
Sean Napier, Earth Resistance Commander
Faction Earth Resistance
Race Terran
E-Frame Police Enforcer #DW-20
Status Active
Voice Actor John Payne

Sean Napier was Commander of the Earth Resistance.


Sean Napier started out his career in public service as an E-frame pilot for the Exofleet where he was eventually kicked out for his attitude. As a Chicago Police Officer, Napier had fallen on to hard times with alcoholism, his wife divorcing him and rejection from ExoFleet recruiters to take him back. In a twist of fate, during the security detail for a ceremony making Chicago and Maginus City, capital of Mars, sister cities, Napier was shot attempting to thwart an assassination attempt on the Chief Delegate of the United Martian Commonwealth, Phaeton. As an act of gratitude, Mayor Reed and Phaeton visited Napier in the hospital to shake hands. Napier refused to shake hands as he cited his hatred for Neosapiens and the Neosapien Revolt. As a result, Napier was fired from the police force.

Only a few days later, Napier’s life was forever changed when the Neosapiens invaded and conquered the Homeworlds. Napier was captured and taken to a slave labor camp and put to work repairing Neosapien equipment and E-frames. For once in his life, Napier’s stubbornness served to his advantage. Under heavy fire from guards, Napier stole an E-frame and broke out of the camp fleeing into the sewers where he met others in hiding, Eve Hanley, Jinx Madison and Peter Tanaka. The trio quickly joined forces with Napier and formed the beginnings of the Chicago Resistance movement. Forcefully stealing Neosapien E-frames and equipment, the resistance strove to survive until a chance meeting with the stranded Able Squad.

Napier, as well as everyone who survived the Neosapien invasion, held great resentment towards ExoFleet being away fighting the Pirate Clans while “ … we were getting slaughtered. You were supposed to protect us.” Placing J.T. Marsh and the other members of Able Squad under house arrest, Napier led the Chicago resistance in a failed attempt to gather support and disrupt Neosapien operations. Following that failure, Napier digressed on his position toward Able Squad and was open to listening to Marsh’s plan to both support the resistance and link up with the ExoFleet.

Together they disrupted a broadcasted Neosapien victory rally at Soldier Field, with Napier sending a call out to all of Earth declaring that the resistance was alive and encouraged Terrans resist Neosapien occupation. Taking the sign, Marsh and the other members of able Squad supported by the resistance charged the stadium and ended the rally. In exchange for their help, Able squad left their E-frames to the resistance and went to link up with Exofleet on Io in a commandeered Neosapien shuttle.

Over the next year, Napier continued to lead the resistance against the Neosapiens capturing equipment, weapons and gaining additional support. In 2120 A.D., Able Squad was sent on a mission to capture Dr. Xenobius, who was the supposed creator of the GRAF Shield on Earth. Able Squad enlisted the help of the Chicago Resistance to help with the mission. Having been forced to fend for themselves for over a year, the resistance felt that they had again been abandoned by the ExoFleet. Begrudgingly, the resistance helped Able Squad apprehend Dr. Xenobius, though Napier was captured during the mission. While captured, Napier was subjected to torture to determine his ties to the resistance. Once more, Napier’s stubbornness was an advantage as even at the highest levels of the Neosapien torture, he revealed nothing of the resistance. Able Squad and the resistance eventually rescue Napier and again leave the resistance with a parting gift of E-Frames.

In 2121 A.D., Admiral Winfield called for a Peace Summit at the ExoFleet base on Io. ExoFleet’s goal was to organize all resistance cells under a unified command in order to be more coordinated and effective. Initially, most the resistance cells refused as they had similar sentiments of abandonment that Napier felt. Not to mention, ExoFleet was in bad shape with the summit under Neosapien blockade. In frustration, Napier walked out of the meeting stating “I lost a lot of good people before I realized I couldn’t do it all by myself.” To beat the Neosapiens, Napier realized they needed ExoFleet help and to work together. Inspired by his example, Winfield approached Napier and informed him that the majority of the resistance had placed themselves under ExoFleet command. More importantly, they wanted to make Napier leader of all Earth Resistance. In with no small amount of trepidation that Napier accepted the offer.

Napier went on to conduct missions that were broader in scope for Earth. Napier helped rescue Secretary General Jonathan Perion and other Homeworld Leaders interned at a labor camp on the Isle of Pines, rescued Nick Tyree and his Australian Resistance Cell from being overran by Neo Warriors and lead the resistance, or the “5th Column”, during the liberation of Earth. Napier joined the Homeworld Congress after the war, working with Marsala in organizing reconciliation between the Neosapiens and Terrans.

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