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Season 1, Episode 9
Sabotage titlecard.jpg
Air date November 13, 1993
Written by Mark Edens
Storyboards by Gerry Acerno
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"Sabotage" is the 9th episode of season 1 of Exosquad.


Nara Burns finds her brother James, who is attempting to trade Marsh, DeLeon, and Marsala to the Neos for food. Nara's pleas convince him to not carry out the deal, and the Neos (who never had any intention of fulfilling the bargain) attack. The mission to capture the GRAF Shield's creator ends in success, as Professor Algernon is acquired. Before leaving, Algernon sabotages the GRAF operating software, which causes the destruction of the Neosapien Venus Fleet.


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  • J.T. before blowing up a Neosapien E-frame about to crush James Burns:
"Watch your step, bub."

Significant events, revelations, and other notes[]

  • Phaeton says that the GRAF Shields will remain offline until the problem can be determined, which allows the ExoFleet to run missions to the Homeworlds.
  • The GRAF Shield and Xenobius are treated with suspicion during their initial deployments and first activations. This could be because the generals are wary of Phaeton using the shield against them.
    • "Target: Earth" -- Shiva makes an indirect threat to Xenobius if the shield fails to work.
    • "Scorched Venus" -- Draconis tells Xenobius to get the shield online despite the lack of field testing.
    • "Sabotage" -- Phaeton says he spent billions for the GRAF Shield's research and development. This could be the reason for the earlier resentment. It diverted funding from other military projects and/or the shipbuilding programs.
  • Algernon offered the GRAF Shield and several other weapons to Exofleet before the Neosapien War. The offer was refused since they were very expensive. Furthermore, we see that Algernon does not like to deal with the bureaucracy.
  • Algernon becomes a major factor in the ExoFleet's eventual victory. On more than one occasion he is the difference between survival and disaster.
  • Xenobius' fate is unknown. The end implies that he will be under heavy pressure to make the shield work. When the shield is reactivated ("Behind the Shield"), it is not by him. Draconis says that Xenobuis "received the proper reward for his failure".
    • Xenobius did not reveal that Algernon created the shield since it would only worsen his situation.
  • Diana's decision to help Exofleet was likely based on her need for vengeance after learning in "A Traitor Among Us" that her family was dead.
  • Admiral Winfield did not know that the Terrans on Venus were on the verge of total collapse from starvation.
  • A similiar trade is seen in "No Surrender". The difference is that the Neosapien general makes the offer. Nick Tyree refuses to trade Marsh since he does not trust the Neosapiens.
  • The Venus Resistance receives some much needed supplies, including food.
  • James Burns learns, as Sean Napier did, that working with the ExoFleet will be necessary for success.

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