Rita Torres
Sergeant Rita Torres
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame Field Sergeant E-frame #LD-029
Status Active
Voice Actor Janyse Jaud
Sergeant Rita Torres was assigned to ExoSquad Flight One: Able Squad.


Torres is a career non-commissioned officer and one of the most senior NCO's in the Exofleet. Torres is a tough, excellent pilot and one of the most dedicated Exotroopers, to the point of choosing the Exofleet over relationships. Rita likes to run a tight ship with the squad and has a by-the-book approach when running it. She is closest to ExoTrooper Takagi and ExoTrooper Bronski in the squad, as she is somewhat of a mother figure by keeping them in line, as they are the two jokers of the squad and professionally sloppy.

Her demeanor and attitude towards her squad mates is stemmed from her very first E-frame assignment. Her first squad was wiped out by a pirate ambush, led by Captain Jubail, when her Commander made a critical error on the mission. Jubail shot down Torres and instead of finishing her off, cracked the glass of her cockpit so that she would slowly suffocate. Remarkably, left for dead, Torres was rescued and survived.

Torres never forgot the incident and assaulted Jubail in the first days of the Exofleet - Pirate Clans Alliance. Though she was court-martialed, she was eventually bailed out when J.T. Marsh convinced Jubail to drop the charges as payment to Marsh for saving Jubail's life under the pirate code known as a life debt.

In 2121 A.D., Torres befriended a Troop of Exoscouts on Mars who rescued her when she was shot down near the Falls of Eris during a mission to find new underground Neosapien weapons complex. She escaped Mars by commandeering the shuttle of General Typhonus, bring the Exoscouts with her. Thought presumed dead by her squad, Torres crashed her own memorial with the Exoscouts in Typhonus' shuttle.

Regarding Torres and her exemplary service and work ethic, Winfield is quoted as saying "If Exofleet supply could build troopers the way we build E-frames, Sergeant Rita Torres would be standard issue." Torres remained as a non-commissioned officer beyond the Neosapien War while mentoring the Exoscouts on Venus.

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