Season 2, Episode 23
Air date 1994
Written by Mark Edens
Matthew Edens
Animation by AKOM
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"Martian Luck" is the 23rd episode of the second season of Exosquad.


The capture of Marduk, a Neo sapien who has supplied the ExoFleet with information, prompts Winfield to send two exosquads to Mars. Eventually Typhonus uses the spy as bait to ensnare the exosquads in a trap, but is not entirely successful. Torres gets shot down and rescued by some ExoScouts.


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  • While setting up mission HQ in a cave:
Marsh: "Maggie, set up an atmosphere monitor to give an alarm if any of these volcanic gases are poisonous."
Bronski: "I think I'll sleep outside."
Takagi: "That oughta take care of some of those poisonous gases."
  • The Battle Minister and his Neo mega assistant talk to the captured spy, Marduk, about the plan to trap a few exosquads:
Typhonus: "I am glad you have decided to cooperate with us against the Terrans."
Marduk: "You gave me no choice."
Typhonus: "You could have refused, and suffered a traitor's fate."
Exial: "Perhaps he did not consider that a valid option."
  • When Marsh goes to retrieve Marsala, who got caught in the trap:
Marsh: "Can you fly?"
Marsala: "I presume you mean in an e-frame."
Marsh: "Great. You pick now to find a sense of humor?"

Significant events, revelations, and other notesEdit

  • Marsh gets a promotion to Commander, and Nara is given command of Able Squad.
  • The ExoFleet loses what was apparently its most reliable spy on Mars. It is interesting that this occurs the episode after Barca (Phaeton's best spy) is killed. Intentional or not, it reinforces one of the ideas behind ExoSquad that I enjoy immensely. Namely, that one side is not pure good, while the other completely evil. Both Winfield and Phaeton utilize dissenters among the other's ranks for the purposes of espionage.
  • The probable reason as to why this episode immediately follows "Fire Ship" is because the ExoFleet still wants to learn as much as it can about the mysterious complex that prompted the mission in the previous episode.
  • Torres has crash landed, but her teammates believe her to be dead.

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