Maggie Weston
Maggie Weston
ExoTrooper Maggie Weston
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame Field Repair E-frame #PO-024
Status Active
Voice Actor Teryl Rothery

Lt. Maggie Weston was the tech and repair specialist of the Able Squad.


Weston's skills with machinery and weapons were comparable only to her resourcefulness - for example, she has been able to make any E-frame in any condition to fly again. In her personal affairs, however, Lt. Weston was not nearly as fortunate; in fact, she was often too shy to engage in romantic relations with men and was usually a loner. She did display a surrogate big sister type of bond towards Kaz Takagi at times though. For a long time, she had a secret crush on Alec DeLeon, but before she could bring herself to admit it, DeLeon was killed in action (in his dying moments, he told Colleen O'Reilly to tell J.T. Marsh of her feelings for him, while noting in contrast "I never told Maggie...", which seems to confirm that he did in fact reciprocate Weston's feelings). It is suggested, however, that after his alleged resurrection by Professor Algernon, she had finally found some happiness. During the war, Weston piloted a #PO-024 Field Repair E-frame.

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