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Light Exocarrier
The Light Exocarrier
Faction Exofleet
Class Light Exocarrier
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The Light Exocarrier class is an Exocarrier that is smaller than the Fleet Exocarriers of the Exofleet. It is a command ship with a design which emphasizes offensive fighting power rather than passive defense or operating as a scout for the Exofleet. The precise definition of the Light Exocarrier varies by model; though they are built upon the hull of a Fleet Exocarrier which has the same engine and dome command bridge design.

Light Exocarriers typically have a complement of E-Frames only half of Fleet Exocarriers in addition to having weaker armor. Most Light Exocarriers were armed with laser cannons and fusion torpedoes with ships later acquiring cloaking technology from the Pirate Clans. Light Exocarriers were capable of higher speeds and could be deployed alongside Fleet Exocarriers.

Their intended purpose was to bridge the gap between the much larger Fleet Exocarriers to the much smaller ships in the fleet and be able to lead a smaller Exocarrier Task Force if necessary. The Exofleet deployed a variety of Light Exocarriers during the Pirate Clans War.

The variety was due to the fact that certain Light ExoCarriers were built on different planets with different designers and assigned to a particular Homeworld Fleet. In addition, there are several models that have duplicates, including but not limited to the model of the Sovereign and the Coronado.

During the ExoFleet-Pirate Clan alliance, the buildup of forces was comprised mostly of Escort Exocarriers, Exocruisers, Exodestroyers, Exofrigates and Pirate Spaceships. This was because they were less expensive and could be built in less time. In comparison, only one Fleet Exocarrier was built during that time, the Resolute II.