Faction Pirate Clans
Race Terran
E-Frame None
Status Killed
Voice Actor Unknown

Captain Jubail (†) was assigned to the Kin of the Pirate Fleet.


It is likely that Jubail was leader of one of the clans, which is why his only superior was Jonas Simbacca, the leader of all the entire Pirate Clans. He has emerged victorious from engagements against both the Exofleet and the Neosapiens. The latter achievement was when Simbacca had been captured by the Neosapiens, and although Marsh, DeLeon, and Hallas boarded the Neosapien vessel, it was an assault led by Jubail on the Neosapien ships that allowed for their safe escape. This action was despite the fact that Barca attempted to persuade him to let Simbacca die, since Jubail was Simbacca's most likely successor. Although Jubail did hope to one day ascend to leadership of the Pirate Clans, he felt it would be cowardly of him to not do the job of removing Simbacca himself.

Jubail had been one of the more outspoken opponents of the alliance with the ExoFleet and he challenged Simbacca to a duel to the death to decide the matter. Simbacca chose Marsh to fight on his behalf, and because Marsh was victorious and spared Jubail's life, Jubail owed Marsh a debt. Jubail repaid this debt by not pressing charges against Rita Torres (who hated Jubail because he had killed her fellow squad members and left her to die in a battle years earlier) for attacking him. Although he did not like the ExoFleet, he was enraged when he discovered that Barca was spying for the Neosapiens, and he was shot and killed by Barca in the fight which ensued. Barca said afterwards that Jubail was the traitor. Jubail's record may have been cleared after Barca's treachery became known.

Jubail seemed to be a mouthpiece for the majority of Pirates who neither liked nor trusted the ExoFleet. Although he did not like Simbacca or his decisions (when he felt they conflicted with the good of the Pirates as a whole or the wishes of the majority of clan members), Jubail gave him the respect that was due to a leader who had earned his position. This is why Simbacca was shocked to find out that Jubail was supposedly a traitor. Although he seemed to have a reputation as someone whom you would not want as an enemy, Jubail had nonetheless acquired many.

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