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Jonas Simbacca
Captain Simbacca, Pirate Clan Leader
Faction Pirate Clans
Race Terran
E-Frame None
Status Active
Voice Actor Unknown

Captain Jonas Simbacca was the leader of the Pirate Clans.


Jonas Simbacca was just a baby when the Homeworlds abandoned the mines of the Outer Planets after the creation of the Neosapiens deemed convict laborers no longer necessary. Simbacca grew up in a hostile environment and rose to the rank of the Pirate Clans leader. Though Simbacca is violent due to his upbringing and Dark Matter Syndrome, he's honorable and loyal to his people. Simbacca is not only respected by his peers for his strength but also his leadership.

In 2119 A.D., the Homeworld Congress declared war on the Pirate Clans after Simbacca attacked and raided a civilian ore freighter, the Danube, which resulted in the death of one of its two crew members. In addition to the death of the Danube's crew member, an entire Exofleet work crew was killed when a booby-trap left by the Pirates was accidentally triggered. Without hesitation, Simbacca led his entire fleet to ambush the invading ExoFleet ships in the asteroid belt, though losing a close battle. Being chased to their Pirate base on Enceladus, Simbacca lured the ExoFleet into a deadly trap with the ExoFleet only being bailed out by their E-frames and Jumptroops. Simbacca was stubborn and never one to stand down when backed into a corner, ready to make a final stand at their base on Tethys. However, Simbacca and the Pirates received a reprieve when Governor General Phaeton invaded the Homeworlds, making ExoFleet abandoned their pursuit of the the Pirate Clans.

Two years into the Neosapien War, the ExoFleet was decimated and on the brink of defeat with the Homeworlds close to being lost to the Neosapiens forever. With ExoFleet desperate, Admiral Winfield sent emissaries Commander Marsh and ExoTrooper DeLeon to discuss an alliance between the Exofleet and the Pirate Clans. True to his word, and to the dislike of all Pirates, the emissaries were granted safe passage, which Simbacca upheld. After much discussion during negotiations, Captain Jubail challenged Simbacca's position on considering an alliance. In Pirate fashion, a death match ensued determining whether or not there would be an alliance with Marsh fighting for his own cause. Jubail was defeated but spared, though with Simbacca unhappy Marsh didn't respect the tradition of killing his challenger, he declared there would not be an alliance.

A Neosapien Spy in the Pirate Clans had notified the Neosapien Commonwealth about the proposed alliance, leading the Neosapiens to send their own emissary, General Typhonus, to broker their own alliance. The Neosapiens failed when General Typhonus arrived at the negotiations heavily armed, disrespecting Simbacca. Furious being turned down, Typhonus and his forces attacked and captured Simbacca. After his capture, Marsh, DeLeon and Hallas commandeered the Kin to rescue Simbacca. Out of pride, Jubail and the rest of Pirates rallied to support Marsh and DeLeon's rescue of Simbacca, since letting ExoFleet to do their job would be dishonorable. Upon his rescue, the ExoFleet emissaries earned Simbacca's respect for their cunning and tenacity in freeing him. With Pirate culture respecting strength, and now hatred for General Typhonus and the Neosapiens, Simbacca agreed to the alliance.

Simbacca had great respect for Admiral Winfield as he was " ... always a worthy opponent ..." During the peace summit on Io Base, Simbacca was able to get full immunity for all Pirates and the planet Mars for his people. In exchange, Simbacca gave the location of their hidden homeworld Chaos, where the ExoFleet could rebuild. Simbacca became a formidable ally for Admiral Winfield and the ExoFleet. Over the course of the Neosapien War, Simbacca survived several assassination attempts as well as help lead the ExoFleet and Pirates to liberate the homeworlds.

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