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J.T. Marsh
JT Marsh.png
Cmdr. J.T. Marsh
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame Aerial Attack E-frame #AA-500
Status Active
Voice Actor Robby Benson

Commander J.T. Marsh was the squad leader of ExoSquad Flight One: Able Squad.


J.T. Marsh was a born leader yet ambivalent to the idea of being one, especially in a military setting. As a young ensign in the Exofleet, Marsh was a rebel with a penchant for joyriding with fellow E-frame pilot Yuri Stavrogan. J.T. eventually worked his way up to Lieutenant and earns the command of his own squad. In the field, Marsh is a brilliant combat strategist with natural instincts. When not on a mission, his command style is informal and laid back, even taking his squad on joyrides during the times before the war with the Pirate Clans and the war with the Neosapiens.

A good portion of Marsh's identity is linked to his squad, who are somewhat misfits like himself. They are all loyal to each other and trust him in any situation. Marsh's priorities, other than the mission objective, are the safety and well-being of his squad. Whenever he lost someone under his command, it is something he carried with him forever. Even when promoted to the rank of Commander towards the end of the Neosapien War, his first thought was that of him losing his squad.

Marsh, and Able Squad alike, were tasked with the toughest missions and special assignments. Admiral Winfield recognized Marsh’s ability early on and allowed him to blossom into his leadership role. Marsh had his growing pains as a leader thrust into simultaneous wars, whether being charged with mutiny by Captain Marcus or being at odds with the Earth Resistance, he learned from his mistakes and became stronger leader.

With all his success circumventing the Neosapien Commonwealth by capturing Dr. Xenobious, disabling the GRAF Shield on Venus, retrieving Professor Algernon for ExoFleet intelligence and destroying a massive neosapien breeding complex on Mars, which injured Governor General Phaeton causing his Automutation Syndrome, he became public enemy number one for the Neosapien Order and was tasked to broker an alliance with the Pirate Clans.

Even as an ExoFleet emissary to Pirate Clans, Marsh earned the respect of Pirate Clans leader Captain Simbacca. This was accomplished by Marsh and Alec DeLeon rescuing Simbacca from General Typhonus when the Pirate Clans hesitated to rescue him themselves. By the final months of the war, Marsh had the respect of all his cohorts and counterparts in the resistance, which helped bring a united humanity together to take back the Homeworlds and defeat Phaeton.

Over the course of the war, J.T. had developed a relationship with his Jumptroop counterpart Colleen O'Reilly. It was often strained, due to the circumstances of the war in addition to O’Reilly’s desire to have a military career beyond the war. Regardless, Marsh wished to retire and start a family. Shortly after the war, an unknown fleet of ships captured the planet Chaos with alien technology, thus bringing Marsh back into another conflict.

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