Second Officer Hallas, Pirate Clans
Faction Pirate Clans
Race Terran
E-Frame Unknown
Status Active
Voice Actor David Kaye

Second Officer Hallas was assigned to the Scavenger of the Pirate Clans.


Hallas was chosen to be one of the first select few pirates to learn to operate an E-frame. He was then convinced to attempt an assassination of the Pirate Clan's leader Jonas Simbacca by Barca, who convinced him that Simbacca saw Hallas as a potential threat to his leadership and would try to have the young officer killed. After failing, Simbacca grudgingly spared his life, and even made him second officer on the pirate destroyer, the Scavenger. Although Hallas suffered major neural damage when shot by Barca while attempting to save both Able Squad and the Resolute II, he had recovered by the end of the war. Although Hallas played no major role in the Neosapien War, he is likely to be a factor in any future conflict.


Hallas is somewhat arrogant, regarding his own abilities and his heritage as a pirate. He generally disdains members of the Exofleet, although he developed a certain measure of respect for Marsh, who provided his e-frame training and intervened with Simbacca on his behalf. He has been described by DeLeon as emotionally immature, and he reminds Weston of Kaz. Barca, who was once his friend, saw great potential in him even though he is currently an "undisciplined boy". Hallas has expressed a desire to not receive treatment for Dark Matter Syndrome, which results in aggressive and violent tendencies, but whether or not he ever would is difficult to say, especially since it might be the only way to a complete recovery from the aforementioned neural damage.

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