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Second Officer Hallas, Pirate Clans
Faction Pirate Clans
Race Terran
E-Frame Police Enforcer #DW-20
Status Active
Voice Actor David Kaye

Second Officer Hallas was assigned to the Scavenger of the Pirate Clans.


Hallas is young, impressionable, restless and eager to prove himself in the ruthless Pirate society. Like all Pirates, Hallas grew up with hatred for the Exofleet but his interactions with J.T. Marsh, and ExoFleet members alike, have caused him to question that aspect of his identity. Being naive, he's easily manipulated by Captain Barca, a Neosapien spy. Barca sees the potential of a great warrior and leader in the very young Hallas. With Barca's plans to usurp Jonas Simbacca as leader of the Pirate Clans, Barca views Hallas as a potential right-hand-man.

Though Hallas is loyal to Simbacca, when he's given difficult missions because of his skill, such as attacking the Fusion Pulse Cannon on Sinope Base, he's manipulated by Barca to believe that Simbacca's trying to get Hallas killed. When Barca has Hallas completely beleiving Simbacca views him as a challenger of leader to the Pirate Clans, Barca convinces Hallas to assassinate Simbacca in Port Chaos. When the assassination attempt fails, Hallas hides among the Renegade Clans of Chaos. Barca secretly sells out Hallas as the assassin to Able Squad, who go on to rescue Hallas as he's deemed an enemy of the Renegade Clans for his support of the alliance with ExoFleet.

Upon his rescue, Simbacca begrudgingly spares Hallas, as its obvious he was being manipulated. He's promoted to Office 2nd Class and assigned to the destroyer Scavenger. From there, Hallas remained in a supporting element to ExoFleet and Pirate operations helping transport captured Neo Mega Lysander to ExoFleet intelligence for further study regarding Automutation Syndrome, helped rescue Earth Resistance members of Australia, and was apart of Recon-and-Force mission to Mars to locate a new massive underground Neosapien weapons complex.

Again, wrapped up in another Barca plot to kill Simbacca and end the ExoFleet alliance, the Recon-and-Force mission was a trap. Barca sabotaged and destroyed one the accompanying destroyers, the Avenger, killing its crew and compliment of E-frames. Able Squad was then captured by the Cobra's crew of collaborators and held prisoner on a Neosapien Monitor Class ship disguised as a captured ship from the "failed mission". The Cobra towed the ship to the Resolute II under the guise that it could be studied. When the ship was close enough, the rigged explosives would be triggered to destroy the Resolute II along with its commanding officers Admiral Winfield and Simbacca.

Even though Barca never confided to Hallas his plot, he counted him among his men when the plan began to unfold. Hallas, still loyal to Simbacca and his counterparts in Able Squad, pretended to go along with Barca's plan, only waiting for the right opportunity to foil Barca's plan. Hallas and Lt. Burns escaped and rescued the rest of Able Squad. During the escape, the fighting caused a malfunction which allowed the captured ship to remain in tow with the Cobra, unbeknownst to Barca and his crew. The Cobra was destroyed when the Monitor exploded killing all of the Cobra's crew and Barca. Hallas was wounded bad and remained in the hospital for the rest of the Neosapien War. After the war, the neurological damage required Hallas to wear and exoskeleton-type body brace in order to move and walk again.

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