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Fleet Exocarrier
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Fleet Exocarrier
Faction Exofleet
Class Fleet Exocarrier
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The Fleet Exocarrier class is an Exocarrier that is among the largest of the Exofleet. It is a command ship with a design which emphasizes offensive fighting power rather than passive defense or operating as a scout for the Exofleet.

It is the most armored ship in the ExoFleet with the ships' complement of E-frames considered as its most important defensive measure, followed by its numerous laser cannons and fusion torpedoes to repel E-Frame and space fighter attacks. Most Fleet ExoCarriers were armed with laser cannons and fusion torpedoes with later models acquiring cloaking technology.

Its distinctive features are the rows of hangar decks in the forward section, or bow, of the ship with its forward batteries positioned near the hangar decks to serve a dual purpose of offense against an enemy and defense against incoming attacks on its hangar decks.

The Fleet Exocarriers serve as the flagship of the Exofleet where the commanding officer or admiral is quartered. The Fleet Exocarriers are normally placed at the center of the Exocarrier Task Forces being surrounded by Exocruisers, Exodestroyers, and Exofrigates to protect the Fleet Exocarriers.

The surrounding ships provide most of the fleet’s fire power in addition to being screening vessels to protect the Exocarriers from direct fire in the middle of the formation.