Season 2, Episode 22
Air date 1994
Animation by AKOM
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"Fire Ship" is the 22nd episode of the second season of Exosquad.


An attempt by the ExoFleet to covertly land e-frames on Mars to investigate a gigantic complex fails miserably, with most of the e-frames destroyed and pilots killed, because a spy tipped off the Neos to their arrival. That spy is Barca, who has Able Squad (the only survivors) captured, and proceeds to plot with Typhonus. The plan is to load a Neo ship, which Barca will claim to have captured, with explosives and then get it close enough to the Resolute II that it will be caught in the explosion. Hallas helps Able Squad escape, and the Neo ship destroys Barca's own ship rather than the Resolute II.


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  • During Commander DeSoto's briefing on their mission:
DeSoto: "There's only one way to discover the extent and purpose of this installation.
Bronski: "Here it comes."
DeSoto: "We have to put people on the ground. A recon enforced with e-frames."
Bronski: "What'd I tell yah?"
DeSoto: "If we can get in and out fast enough we can accomplish the mission with minimum casualties."
Bronski: "One's too many, if you're the one."
Torres: "Swallow it, Bronski."
  • When Thyphonus' Neo mega assistant warns that a traitor can change sides more than once, Typhonus responds,:
"All of Venus that Barca will see is a six-foot hole in the ground."
  • When Hallas complains to Barca that he should decide Nara Burns' fate, since he was the one who captured her, Barca says,:
"Are you sure she hasn't captured you?"
  • Nara Burns, as Hallas tries to get her out of the brig:
"Am I missing something, or weren't you the guy who got me in?"

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