Season 2, Episode 35
Fifth Column titlecard
Air date October 28, 1994
Written by Mark Edens
Ted Pedersen
Francis Moss
Animation by AKOM
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One Small Step
The Last Jump

"Fifth Column" is the 35th episode of the second season of Exosquad.


Admiral Winfield has the Earth Resistance all launch attacks at once, as a prelude to the ExoFleet's invasion. Napier's group succeeds in part because of help from the Terran workers at the factory they were attacking. These workers join the resistance in the tanks that they had built for an assault on Phaeton City. On the way they are met by Neosapien Hovertanks, and a battle begins at Battle Creek. Before the ExoFleet attack Weston gives Alec's flight recorder to Algernon. Meanwhile Galba learns of Phaeton's doomsday device and tries to notify the resistance, which is unable to contact the ExoFleet before the invasion begins.


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  • Cates, trying to inspire his fellow workers to fight: "We've been putting the Neos weapons together long enough. Let's start taking 'em apart!"
  • Napier, trying to convince those workers to go to fight in Chicago: "I understand you people are hungry. But what are you hungry for? Food? Or freedom? It's 400 kilometers to Chicago. Those tanks can make that in 2 hours. Anyone feel like a drive?"

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