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Escort Exocarrier
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The Escort Exocarrier
Faction Exofleet
Class Escort Exocarrier
Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew
Notable Ships
Ships Escort Exocarrier Borealis (†)


The Escort Exocarrier class is an Exocarrier that is smaller than the Fleet Exocarriers and Light Exocarriers. They were a small and slow type of Exocarrier used by the Exofleet. While they were slower, less armed and armored, and had a small complement of E-frames, they were less expensive and could be built in less time.

This was their principal advantage, as Escort Exocarriers could be completed in greater numbers as a stop-gap when Fleet Exocarriers were scarce. This was very much the case during the ExoFleet rebuild with the help of the Pirate Clans alliance.

However, the lack of protection made Escort Exocarriers particularly vulnerable and many were destroyed, especially during the Pirate Clans War and the Neosapien War, with great loss of life. In addition, Escort ExoCarriers were often too slow to keep up with the main forces consisting of Exocarriers, Exofrigates, Exodestroyers and Exocruisers. In one instance in the Neosapien War, most were left behind en route from Saturn's moon Tethys to engage Neosapien forces during the Second Battle of Earth.

The Exocarrier Task Force was made up mostly of Escort Exocarriers, Exodestroyers, Exofrigates, and Exocruisers which provided most of the fleet’s fire power in addition to being screening vessels to protect the Fleet Exocarriers from direct fire in the middle of the formation.

Furthermore, Escort ExoCarriers provided air support to ground forces during Jumptroop operations. This strategy was emphasized during the Battle of The Moon and the Fourth Battle of Earth.