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Earth Resistance
Earth resistance.png
Earth Resistance
Affiliation Homeworlds
Jurisdiction Earth
Type Infantry
Flagship None
Chicago: Eve Hanley
Australia: Nick Tyree
Jet Packs
Phaeton City
Notable Units
Neosapien War: 2119-2121 A.D.

The Earth Resistance, or “The Resistance”, is the name used to denote the collection of Earth resistance movements that fought against the Neosapien Commonwealth occupational forces of Earth from 2119-2121 A.D.


Although Earth was conquered very easily during Governor General Phaeton's Operation Destiny, Earth's population was the largest of all the Homeworlds and had the potential for the most resistance due accessible resources and infrastructures already in place. To subdue the Terran populace, humans were given " ... an opportunity to serve the new Neosapien Order through hard work." Thus implementing programs such as Labor Camps, the Neosapien Central Administration for human registration, and the Neosapien Occupation Committee. Those who refused were given the " ... permanent solution to the human problem."

Formation and Beginning[]

Small bands of resistance cells were formed all over the world. The bigger and more organized cells were formed in Chicago, by Sean Napier, and in Australia, by Nick Tyree. The resistance often opted to work alone out of resentment toward the Exofleet for allowing the homeworlds to be conquered. Most encounters, if not all, with any ExoSquads by the resistance were hostile. Unfortunately due to the destitute state of living conditions, the resistance was rife with traitors and collaborators.


Though the Earth Resistance was better equipped than their counterparts in the Venus Resistance via commandeered Neosapiens equipment or hand-me-down ExoFleet E-frames, their lack of strategy and leadership rendered them ineffective for almost two years. During an ExoFleet peace summit on their base on Io, Admiral Winfield was able to finally organize all Earth Resistance under ExoFleet leadership with Sean Napier being nominated by his peers to be leader of all the Earth's resistance. Though not all resistance cells cooperated, a more organized Earth Resistance became deadly to the Neosapien infrastructure and helped set the table for Earth to be liberated. The resistance helped ExoFleet capture Dr. Xenobius, who was the supposed creator of the GRAF Shield on Earth, rescue Secretary General Jonathan Perion and other Homeworld Leaders interned at a labor camp on the Isle of Pines, as well give intelligence on military installations, Neo Mega locations, and Neo Warrior genetic facilities in Antarctica.

Liberation & Post War[]

In 2121 A.D., Earth was finally liberated with all Earth Resistance forces acting as the ExoFleet's "5th Column", supporters who would attack the enemy from within. After the liberation, Neosapien hold-outs were rounded up and placed into internment facilities. With resistance leaders having prominent roles in their communities, most leaders, along with Sean Napier and Nick Tyree, joined the reinstated Homeworlds Congress to help rebuild the Homeworlds.