Coronado and Alice
The Coronado
Faction Exofleet
Name Coronado
Class Light Exocarrier
Status Destroyed
Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew

The Coronado (†) was a ship in the Exofleet of the Light Exocarrier class.


The Coronado was called into active duty in 2119 A.D. when the Homeworld Congress declared war on the Pirate Clans of Saturn. The Pirate Clans War abruptly ended when the Neosapien Commonwealth surprise attacked and conquered the Homeworlds.

In response, the Exofleet turned its full attention to freeing the Homeworlds from Neosapien oppression. The Coronado was destroyed in Exofleet’s first engagement of the Neosapien War, the Second Battle of Earth, in attempt to liberate the Homeworlds. It was destroyed when a Neosapien E-frame flew into the open Fusion Torpedo bays and detonated the remaining warheads.

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