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Colleen O'Reilly
Colleen profile.png
2nd Lt. Colleen O'Reilly
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame Rapid Recon E-Frame #LS-042
Status Active
Voice Actor Kathleen Barr

Second Lieutenant Colleen O'Reilly was assigned to Charlie Company 5th Platoon.


O’Reilly graduated the Exofleet Academy the day the Neosapien Commonwealth attacked and conquered the Homeworlds, with only a few cadets from her graduating class surviving that day. She was able to escape Earth to join up with the Exofleet where she was assigned to Charlie Company 5th Platoon as a technical specialist officer.

O’Reilly epitomized the resilience and resourcefulness of the ExoFleet as her contributions were vast and extremely important to its survival. These contributions were not only in the ExoFleet Tech Labs but on the frontline as well. She assisted Professor Algernon with building a GRAF Shield to protect the ExoFleet base on Io, discovered the ExoFleet JumpComm System Codes had been hacked by Neosapien Intelligence, discovered the Neo Mega on Ceres, killed Admiral Winfield's would be assassin and sabotaged Shiva's E-Frame in Australia enabling ExoFleet to capture him and save the Australian Resistance, just to name a few.

As the second ranking officer of 5th Platoon, she not only was a skilled soldier but she was able to adapt to changing circumstances in battle and overcome those challenges. O’Reilly was a gentle and mild tempered person though she was one of the most lethal soldiers in the ExoFleet. Over time, she developed a tender relationship with her E-Frame pilot counterpart J.T. Marsh. It was often strained though, due to the circumstances of the war in addition to O’Reilly’s desire to have a military career beyond the war. After the Neosapien War, O’Reilly became the commanding officer of 5th Platoon.

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