As the Homeworlds Congress secured power over the inner planets, they began the mining of the outer planets using convicts. Soon after the creation of the Neosapiens the convicts were abandoned as Mars could now be mined with greater effeciency. The convicts responded by creating the Pirate Clans and began to raid the shipping lines. However, the Congress lacked the unity and power for a decisive military campaign.

Eventually the Neosapiens revolted, weary of being slaves to the Terran government. Although the revolt was broken, they did receive more independence and control of Mars. After the revolt had ended, Exofleet began to decline as there were no military threats to the government. The pirate raids were kept under control by Exofleet's overwhelming advantages in numbers and technology.

Eventually the pirates crossed an informal line concerning their raids and the Congress declared war on them. The majority of Exofleet was sent to decimate their military and end the existance of the clans. Phaeton, the Governor-General of Mars, had been waiting for this occurence and had used his influence to provoke the Congress into declaring war and sending the majority of Exofleet to the outer planets.

After Exofleet had engaged the pirates and was in a position were they would not easily disengage, Phaeton deployed his navy and subjugated the Homeworlds. Exofleet suffered terrible defeats during their counterattacks and was forced to retreat.

Eventually, Exofleet allied with the Pirates and went on the offensive. As the Neosapiens began to lose battles, mutiny appeared in their chain of command. After 2 severe defeats the Neosapien Commonwealth was on the brink of defeat and desperately fought to repel Exofleet's final offensive.

Exofleet was victorious over the last remnants of resistance, but was confronted with the problem of dismantling the Neosapien military. Furthermore, the Congress was convinced that giving the Neosapiens equal rights with Terrans would allow both factions to overcome the mutual hatred on both sides.

Before 2040Edit



  • Alpha Neosapiens created