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Grey Lurker Grey Lurker 28 November 2013

Major Cleanup

The wiki has major issues in terms of content and formatting. This cleanup will address the following issues and the way the wiki going to deal with them.

  • 1 Issues
    • 1.1 Pipelining
    • 1.2 Episode Articles
    • 1.3 Galleries
    • 1.4 Titlecards with bad filenames
    • 1.5 Overly Redundant Info in character pages

Many articles here tend to have too many blue links that point to the same page. Not only this is a bit too much, it's also bad formatting that reminds users of tvtropes, which also issues with this.

Pages should have one or at the most two blue links (one in the inbox and one for the article) that point to the same page.

All the episode articles were copy and pasted from an Exosquad fansite. This resulted in rather long articles which looked worse with the current W…

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