Avery F. Butler
Captain Avery F. Butler
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame Ultralight Command E-frame #AD-D14
Status Active
Voice Actor Alvin Sanders
Captain Avery F. Butler was commanding of officer of Charlie Company 5th Platoon.


Butler was a very serious minded leader as well as person. He often did not mesh well with others as he was always at odds with Commander Marsh personality wise.

Even with that being said, he was a strong leader and a great tactician, able to size up any situation very quickly and able to know how to approach it. He was widely respected and admired for his accomplishments during the war, as well as his reputation.

Butler served admirably through all engagements in the war, though he was best known for his rescuing of the Australian Resistance, along with Able Squad, as they were surrounded by Neosapien forces in the Parliament House inside in Canberra, Australia.

Furthermore, Butler helped assist Professor Algernon on Mars to examine an unknown Alien underground complex that was discovered on a long term reconnaissance mission by Able and Baker Squad. Butler's platoon was also the first to discover a new type of Neosapien at a Neosapien Installation on Ceres called the Neo Mega.

He cared deeply for the soldiers who served along side him and had a heavy heart for those lost under his command. Though no messages could be sent home to the family of those lost, he still recorded a message and kept them on file. After the Neosapien War, Butler was transferred to the Exofleet Academy to become the chief instructor.

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