Alec DeLeon
Alec DeLeon
ExoTrooper DeLeon
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame Spy / Logistics Field Communications E-frame #SLR-345
Status Active
Voice Actor John Payne

Alec DeLeon was the intelligence and communication specialist of the Able Squad.


Prior to his military career, he was a petty thief in France and joined Exofleet much like men used to join the French Foreign Legion. Despite this unhappy background, DeLeon is surprisingly cheerful and upbeat, with a lighthearted sense of humor that surfaces even in the worst situations. Known for his ability to foresee every danger miles ahead and to escape even the most severe firefights without a scratch on his E-frame, DeLeon has been J.T. Marsh's right hand man all the way until the day he sacrificed himself to ensure that Exofleet won the Battle of The Moon.

Much later, after the end of the Neosapien War, Professor Algernon and Galba succeeded in creating a new physical body for him and implanting his personality (stored in his E-frame's flight data recorder that was heavily modified by Algernon before) into it. His new body was that of a Neo Mega, modified to appear Terran, and whether it has retained the infertility common to all Neosapiens remains open. He was known to flirt with Lt. Maggie Weston, who was secretly attracted to him but was too shy to admit it. Prior to his (first) death, DeLeon piloted a "Wraith" SLR-345 E-frame.

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