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Alec DeLeon
Alec DeLeon.png
ExoTrooper DeLeon
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame Spy / Logistics Field Communications E-frame #SLR-345
Status K.I.A.
Voice Actor John Payne

ExoTrooper Alec DeLeon (†) was assigned to ExoSquad Flight One: Able Squad.


Alec DeLeon was born and raised on the streets of Greater Paris. His upbringing has been described as fast and alone by Admiral Winfield. DeLeon signed up for the ExoFleet to get away from his past, much like how people joined the French Foreign Legion. In the ExoFleet, DeLeon flourished with his intelligence and ability to be perceptive. Though he is the least skilled pilot in his squad, he's tech-savy and highly skilled with communications, sabotage and spy tactics.

With his specialized skill set, street smarts, and excellent hand-to-hand combat skills, DeLeon is often teamed up with J.T. Marsh on clandestine missions of extreme importance. DeLeon was instrumental with capturing Dr. Xenobious, disabling the GRAF Shield on Venus, retrieving Professor Algernon for ExoFleet intelligence and being an emissary to broker an alliance with the Pirate Clans, not to mention even rescuing Jonas Simbacca from General Typhonus.

His skill set is augmented later in the war when Algernon upgrades DeLeon's E-Frame, allowing his E-Frame to sense enemies and respond with extraordinary quickness. Additionally, the E-frame and its Black Box " ...merge their perception with that of the pilot."

Overtime, romantic feelings between DeLeon and fellow squad member Maggie Weston grow. DeLeon likes that she's a fellow tech and her dry wit equals his own. Even their playful jabs develop into more subtle flirting.

Unfortunately, DeLeon is killed during the liberation of the Moon. In his final moments, DeLeon tricked Neosapaien troops into surrendering by masking his communications as General Typhonus. Furious that his troops are surrendering, Phaeton remotely destroys all the Neosapien forces fighting on the moon, thus winning the battle. DeLeon wanted Maggie to have his Black Box which would be used to eventually create a clone by Professor Algernon and Galba.

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