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Able Squad
Able Squad Team.jpg
ExoSquad Flight One: Able Squad
Affiliation Exofleet
Jurisdiction Homeworlds
Type E-Frame Unit
Flagship Resolute II
Notable Units
Pirate Clans War: 2119 A.D.
Neosapien War: 2119-2121 A.D.

ExoSquad Flight One: Able Squad was an E-frame unit in the Exofleet assigned to the Fleet Exocarrier Resolute II.


Able Squad was the best ExoSquad in the ExoFleet. Always assigned the toughest missions and special assignments. Able Squad was also a close-knit group that resembled more of a family than a military unit. You could also catch the group joyriding the canyons around Olympus Mons on Mars in the time before the Pirate Clans War and Neosapien War.

Pirate Clan War[]

In 2119 A.D., the Pirate Clans attacked and looted a civilian ore freighter, the Danube, which resulted in the death of one of its two crew members. Able Squad was tasked with boarding the Danube on a search and rescue mission. While aboard, new comer and rookie ExoTrooper Takagi accidentally triggered a booby-trap left by the Pirates. Able Squad was able to escape, even rescuing one of the Danube's crew members, but the explosion destroyed an ExoFleet work crew shuttle, killing everyone aboard. In response, the Homeworld Congress declared war on the Pirate Clans.

Able Squad led all the engagements during the war with the Pirate Clans, which included the Pirate ambush in the asteroid belt and the assault on the Pirate base on Enceladus. The final assault on the Pirate's main Saturn base on Tethys was cancelled upon learning the Neosapien invasion of the Homeworlds, thus ending the Pirate Clans war.

Neosapien War[]

ExoFleet now turned its attention to freeing the Homeworlds from the Neosapien Order. ExoFleet's first encounter with the Neosapiens was a disaster with ExoFleet defeat being inevitable. Able Squad, along with Baker and Charlie Squads, saved the fleet, allowing them to break free and retreat by attacking the Neosapien Flagship The Olympus Mons.

Able Squad, and its individual members alike, were instrumental in helping the ExoFleet survive, as for much of the war they were losing badly. Able Squad kept the ExoFleet afloat by capturing Dr. Xenobious, disabling the GRAF Shield on Venus, retrieving Professor Algernon for ExoFleet intelligence and helping to build the Io Moon Base for building up the fleet. They helped turn the tide of the war by brokering an alliance with the Pirate Clans, building a GRAF Shield on Io, supporting the Earth and Venus Resistance, and leading the assaults to take back the Homeworlds. They eventually defeated Governor General Phaeton in his bunker under the streets of Chicago.

Squad Members[]