Season 1, Episode 10
Abandoned titlecard
Air date November 25, 1993
Written by Jim Carlson
Terrence McDonnell
Animation by AKOM
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"Abandoned" is the 10th episode of season one of Exosquad.


Captain Marcus is angered by Admiral Winfield's decision to not attempt to liberate Earth, which he perceives as cowardice. After sending Able Squad (minus Weston and Takagi) on a secret mission to Mars as a way of getting rid of Marsh and other Winfield supporters, Marcus mutinies with the support of at least one other captain and most of the Resolute's security forces. The mutiny succeeds, with Winfield and his supporters (including Weston and Takagi) being locked in the brig. Able Squad reaches Mars, and the episode ends with them fleeing pursuing Neo e-frames.


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  • Alec DeLeon to Maggie Weston, after she repairs his E-frame:
Alec: "Ah, Maggie, gentle lies the hand of woman."
Maggie: "Not if you keep feeding me lines like that."
Alec: "But I say that to all the officers!"
  • Wolf Bronski, after completely ripping apart a Neosapien fighter:
"Nothing like makin' sure!"
  • Admiral Winfield and the mutinous Captain Furlong:
Winfield: "This better not be what it looks like, Captain!"
Furlong: "It's exactly what it looks like."

Significant events, revelations, and other notesEdit

  • 3 months have passed since the GRAF Shield on Venus was disabled in "Sabotage".
  • Mars has a population of at least 5 million Neosapiens.
  • How strong are Neosapiens? Each of the boulders that the hovercraft transport pilot removed probably weighed several hundred pounds each.
  • Marcus only choose to mutiny because of Winfield's slow re-building program, he tells Furlong that he will not question Winfield's courage.
  • Captain Marcus is now in command of the ExoFleet, and he is determined to fight.
  • When did Marcus begin to consider mutiny? Has he spent the previous 3 months accumulating support among those eager to fight? He must be more charismatic than we've seen, especially if he assembled his takeover on short notice, and after his poor judgement before and during the Second Battle of Earth.
    • Why did Winfield or his supporters fail to notice that the overall anger about Winfield's lack of action was that widespread? Have Furlong and Marcus been the only people who openly stated such opinions?
  • Marcus probably has a good point with regard to fighting now. As time passes the ExoFleet continues conducting repairs, but the Neo sapiens are continuing to build more new ships and e-frames, utilizing the combined industrial capacity of all the Homeworlds.
  • Able Squad has been sent on a mission from which they are not expected to return. Even if they do survive, there are no plans to retrieve them.
    • How carefully did Marcus choose the mission? Since the intelligence was mostly accurate, Exofleet probably has been sending unmanned probes to the inner worlds and the Homeworlds. Marcus's belief that the building was a weapons complex was certainly based on it's location and the heavy defenses.
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