Season 2, Episode 38
Abandon Hope titlecard
Air date November 2, 1994
Written by Mark Edens
Michael Edens
Animation by AKOM
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"Abandon Hope" is the 38th episode of the second season of Exosquad.


Phaeton tells the captive Marsh of his plans to destroy the world. To prevent this Winfield is sending a few exosquads into Phaeton City to go after Phaeton. O'Reilly fixes the jumptroopers shuttle so that the remainder of Charlie Company, along with Bronski, can also make it there. Over Livia's objections, Phaeton will not leave the city. When he attempts to activate the Doomsday Device, he finds it has been sabotaged and he knows it was Livia who did it. Able Squad battles their way through the tunnels beneath the city, and Nara, Marsala, and Takagi reach the main chamber just as Phaeton is about to flip the now functional switch to the doomsday device. A battle ensues which ends when Nara, at first instinctively using her strange powers to stop Phaeton, kills him.


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  • Phaeton finally has Marsh prisoner, something he has desired for a long time:
Phaeton: "An inferno rages inside me, Terran. It consumes me, burns me."
Marsh: "Probably something you ate."
  • More stirring words from Thrax, spoken to Galba:
"I used to worry how I would face the end. Would I go bravely like a soldier? But let me tell you something Neo mega, it's life itself that matters, not how it ends. Each moment is a precious gift, if only we have the courage to accept it. That is where our duty lies, not in taking life, but in living it."
  • Reading the engraving over Phaeton's bunker:
Pelligrino: "Abandon all hope..."
O'Reilly: " who enter here. It's Dante, from the Divine Comedy."
Bronski: "Sounds like a load of laughs."
  • In Phaeton's bunker, as the resistance closes in:
Phaeton: "Shiva, you have always been my best general. Can you stop them?"
Shiva: "No, but I will try."

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