Season 1, Episode 6
Traitor titlecard
Air date October 30, 1993
Written by Mark Edens
Animation by AKOM
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Target: Earth
Scorched Venus

"A Traitor Among Us" is the 7th episode of season 1 of "Exosquad".


Marsh, DeLeon, and Marsala transmit their situation to the Resolute, causing Winfield to send Able Squad to Venus for reconnaisence purposes. They and the resistance free Napier, and J.T. and Alec stay behind, blending with the other Terrans about to be deported to Venus. Once on board, Marsala (disguised as a Neo sapien soldier) discovers that Diana is the traitor. Eventually it is realized the the Neos are not taking them to Venus, but are going to let them fall into the sun, and the Neo shuttle detached from the containers with that intention.


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  • As the Neos cut off what J.T. believes is their only route of escape:
Marsh: "That's the only door to this room!"
(explosion, cut to Alec standing near large opening in wall)
DeLeon: "Not anymore."
  • DeLeon, as they are being herded into the Neo prison barges,
"If this is first class I don't want to see economy."
  • Diana after informing a Neo guard that J.T. and Alec are stowaway ExoFleet officers:
Diana: "Well, aren't you going to do something?"
Marsala (as he moves out of the shadows, revealing his identity): "If you insist."
Diana: "You are Marsala! How..."
Marsala: "Like you I am a stowaway. The uniform was... acquired."

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